Important – On-Line Voting Has Begun for the HOA Board 2020

Have you registered for your new account with Lifetime Management?

Beginning November 10, 2019, Lifetime Management, our new management company, has provided the opportunity for on-line voting to begin for 4 positions open to be filled by candidates running for HOA office this year.  This is the first time in our neighborhood history we have had the opportunity to vote on-line and just one of many new features Lifetime Management brings to our neighborhood.

You should have received a packet in the mail within the last few weeks with instructions about how to register and set up your account.  If you have not yet received your packet, please visit to set up your account or call Lifetime HOA Management at 210-504-8484 for assistance.

There are 8 candidates running for the 4 positions available.  Please participate in the electoral process by voting for 4 candidates to fill the positions which are being vacated by retiring incumbents.  This is a great way to participate — your vote your voice! 

Sidebar:  I’ve been asked by many in the neighborhood to provide commentary regarding who might be the best candidates.  Here’s my take for those of you interested:

For those of you who have already expressed your support for my election to the board, thank you!  I appreciate your confidence that I am one of the right people to elect to the board currently in our neighborhood’s history. In the 14 years I have lived here I’ve witnessed us come from a volunteer organization who had little say in anything pertaining to operations, asset management, or rules which governed how and what was allowed in the park and common areas when our developers were in control to a turnover allowing all property owners a seat at the table to decide how our money was spent.  Trouble is, there wasn’t much property owner participation allowed during these last 8 years as we moved into self-rule with a governing style of this board being they were elected and had final say on how money was spent in most cases. 

The incumbent board has hand-picked 4 candidates they wish to replace them as they exit the board who are running as an all-for-one group interested in keeping the status quo. That should be a concern when considering who to vote for. 

Jim Burdine and Joe Alvarez will bring new vitality and experience to the board.  All three of us are running separately and have solid backgrounds and experience that support fiscal/financial responsibility as well as representing Timberwood Park Property Owners fairly and equally across the board. 

Two of us, myself and Jim, have prior experience serving on the Timberwood Park HOA board – Jim as the first ever TPPOA President and myself as the President who oversaw along with my board the necessary steps and negotiations to get us to turnover of our assets and finances from our developer to the property owners control.  Those positions gave us unique perspective to add along-side our other business experience.  Joe Alvarez, while new to the neighborhood, brings a wealth of previous business experience and is a retiree who has openly stated he has the time to give and wants to work hard on behalf of our neighborhood to continue to improve and maintain it. 

At the top of the list of priorities when elected will be working to ensure financial solvency and accountability as well as taking a serious look at the upkeep and maintenance of our existing assets.  That means, among other things, each of us will be looking at our operating budget to determine where we have opportunities to save money, how to prioritize expenses to stay on budget and how to effectively continue to save for the future maintenance that will be coming as our assets age. 

That doesn’t mean the social fabric of the neighborhood will disappear which I am aware has been being circulated as a means to deter support for those candidates who are more focused on the business of the neighborhood  – it simply means the HOA must be able to live within a budget and ensure we can manage the business of the neighborhood as our first priority.  That’s no different than what each of us must do in our personal life when we live within a budget to be able to meet expenses.

Each of us believes in property owner participation, property owner voting rights on capital expenditures, property owner voting rights for operational and guiding documents for the HOA and most important, listening to property owners.  It’s your money!!! 

Call your neighbors and friends, text them, e-mail them, but ask them to vote for change.  Jim, myself and Joe Alvarez will represent you fairly and honestly without exception.

Transparency, honesty, open communication and property owner participation shouldn’t be buzz words for a campaign, they should just be the standard of operation for any member of an HOA board. We have lots of heavy lifting ahead to ensure we can service the debt we have taken on with the new clubhouse build as well as maintain our other current assets properly.  Take a chance on change rather than the status quo.  Vote in new differing opinions to the table not just group think.  Vote for your voice to be heard.  Vote to strengthen the Timberwood Park HOA in 2020 with solid business and management experience and skills by voting for Jim Burdine, Cindy Griffin and Joe Alvarez. Let your voice be heard! 

2 thoughts to “Important – On-Line Voting Has Begun for the HOA Board 2020”

  1. Cindy, I don’t share your enthusiasm for on-line voting. Given our past history involving proxies, and relying on our property manager for oversight of our elections, I believe there should be a mechanism in place to insure that future election results can be independently verified. Conceivably, this process could be managed by a CPA firm, under the auspices of an election committee. Working together on behalf of our homeowners, they would insure the integrity of the electoral process in Timberwood Park.

    I encourage fellow homeowners to speak with each candidate before casting ballots. HOA experience matters. To lead us in the future, we need some new blood as well. After all, no one has a monopoly on good ideas that could benefit our growing community.

  2. All good and valid points David. I feel the on-line option provides something we have not had in the past – an option for those who might not attend the annual meeting, don’t want to sign a blank proxy for another to fill in as they see fit and would still like to vote. While nothing is 100% guaranteed under even the best of circumstances and safeguards in place, this option is but one of several for the property owner interested in casting their vote to elect board members. Thanks for your comments.

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