Sunday, April 21, 2013 the HOA board met with interested property owners to discuss sealing the lake.  The project is estimated to cost $200,000.oo +/- and will adjust depending what occurs during the process of installing 8″ of base clay up approximately 7-8 feet of the sides of the lake.  General discussion appears to approve the project and while more research is being completed, it is possible this project will be underway in the near future.  There will be trucks hauling in the clay and then a process will be used to smooth and flatten it along the sides and bottom of the lake bed.  4 property owners attended the meeting to discuss the process with the board.  At the last HOA meeting approximately 50 people were in attendance for an initial discussion about the project.

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This weekend, Saturday, April 20th from 8:00 to 1:00 p.m. is the brush drop off and bulky waste drop off in our park.  Great weather, great time to clean up your lot and get rid of old TVs, electronics, furniture and larger items that cannot be sent with the garbage. Happy hauling!

Sunday, April 21st at 3:00 p.m. join the HOA board for a meeting in our clubhouse to discuss potential plans to reseal the lake in our park.  It’s important for you to voice your opinions and perspective on this large expenditure being considered.  Remember this is your money, provide your voice to help the board with the decision making process.  See you there!

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The HOA Board of Directors has scheduled a property owner meeting to discuss the upcoming potential expenditure to reseal the lake in our park. 

This is an important meeting for all property owners to attend as it is your opportunity to provide your feedback and opinion.  This project is a large expenditure that was estimated at the last board meeting to approach the $250,000 +/- mark to accomplish.

Please plan to attend the meeting scheduled for Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. in our clubhouse.  Your voice and your opinion for this important decision is important!  Please plan to attend!

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It’s about to return!  Music In the Park is headed back to the neighborhood for another series of outdoor concerts with neighbors getting together in the park. 

The board meeting April 2, 2013 indicated the following for the 2013 season thus far:

Kick-off second week of May with Chris Boss Band (check them out on ITunes)
Almost Patsy Cline returning in late May
Two Tons of Steel is proposed for sometime in September. 

The committee is working on some new additions to the line-up as well as the return of some crowd favorites.

Watch for more updates coming soon!

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April 2, 2013.  The HOA Board Meeting:

Comments From Property Owners In attendance:
Traffic Concerns at Harmony Hills due to construction
Golf Course rough is too “rough” — tall grass needs to be trimmed
Planting trees along walking trail
Upgrading/installing Lighting along walking trail
Electronic Sign at Entrance of Park scrolls too fast to read properly
Lake is a cornerstone to our development
Are Improvements adding to the value of the neighborhood/homes?

Discussion from the Board:
Back gate to park installed and nearly working – electrical to be installed
Discussion about walk-in gate in garden homes and how to use it
Notes provided about Borgfeld Construction Project
Upgrades to landscaping at Timberline/Midnight/Slumber Pass
    Question from property owner: 
        Is a better finish being added to Slumber Pass re-do on signs?

Long discussion about Re-sealing the lake- overview as follows:
    Potential costs $250,000 +/-
        Clay seal is the product of choice at this time, still under discussion
        Sunday Mtg to hear property owners opinion on this upgrade coming soon –  date TBD

    Discussion about building more tennis courts/full size basketball court
         – costs not discussed at this meeting
        New Basketball court proposed to go over second existing volleyball court (under discussion)
        Additional tennis courts (2 more) proposed to be placed near old ones
            Question from property owner: 
                    Statistics on usage and return on investment?

Comment by property owner: If large surplus of money, should assessment rates remain the same or be reduced?

Comment by property owner: Playground is not in good shape, should some of the immediate dollars available for capital improvements be used to upgrade our playground?

Board asking for feedback from property owners on projects and upcoming 5 year plan which will be under discussion to include lighting upgrades, planting trees around the lake/walking trail, a potential new clubhouse, a potential new pool, and other capital improvements.

Music In the Park to begin in mid-May!

Send in your comments!

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