As I write this blog, I wonder what the property owners of Timberwood Park as a whole think about our current neighborhood business state-of-affairs.  What happened to the business of our neighborhood?

                Do you see maintenance and upkeep being done on a regular basis to maintain our current assets in and around the park?  Do you see any effort being done to refurnish the clubhouse for any property owner who might want to rent it for an event?  Do you see any effort to repair and maintain the existing clubhouse given the loan failure the board faced being unable to secure financing for the “I want” new clubhouse?  The existing clubhouse is continuing to deteriorate as NO maintenance is being performed. No money being spent for upkeep or to maintain it. It just continues to deteriorate under the lack of current care it is receiving.

The clubhouse which was slated to be demolished in January still stands due to the board’s inability to seek suitable financing choices and inability to secure a loan for a new clubhouse build which was never a need but a “want”. Whether it’s said that the financing institution chosen decided to change the terms or it’s said we were turned down for financing given our financial capabilities or lack thereof, We do not have the resources to handle this type of debt currently!!!

                It’s been said publicly in other forums that two board members were removed or asked to step down from office due to the number of lawsuits that have occurred under their watch.  Should these individuals still be serving in other capacities?

Take a look at https://search.bexar.org/Case/CaseSummary to see pages of lawsuits against our current HOA and its board.  Some of the cases listed are potentially about HOA matters like filings against property owners who are in arrears on assessments.  Of the cases listed there at least 14 which have been filed for matters OTHER than arrears assessments or delinquent taxes. 

Because of the number of lawsuits filed against the current HOA and our board, our liability insurance and D&O insurance premiums have skyrocketed.  If the other forums are correct and this is the case, why would it be acceptable for any board member who stepped down or was potentially removed to still sit on any committees sanctioned by the board?

                Property owners, it’s time to make it clear to the board that continued waste of our resources for a “proposed clubhouse build” is a waste of our resources!   It’s estimated that approximately $75,000.00 has been spent on wasted permitting fees, loan fees, appraisals, and other costs to get us a nothing in return for the proposed new build. 

Why can’t we start working on a remodel, or at least maintain what is currently falling into a state of disrepair?  Is the goal of this board to ensure with the continued deterioration that we need a “new” clubhouse?  Let’s hear from the property owners what they feel is the best plan forward given the failures thus far of this board.  What do you think should happen at this point?

                                Wouldn’t it be good business practice to remodel the existing clubhouse and move on rather than continue to waste our assessment dollars and saddle us with a huge debt for the next 10-20 years?  WE DO NOT HAVE THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES TO PAY THE DEBT SERVICE ON A $1.5 MILLION DOLLAR LOAN! 

                Please send your thoughts and comments back to this blog and let the board hear you!  We have a meeting coming up on June 18 – in our unmaintained clubhouse!  Come to the meeting!  Share your thoughts about the management done on your behalf by this board.  It’s your money!  Would you operate a business this way?