Sadly, I need to let you all know that I received notice from the association today to “cease and desist” any and all references to the association and/or our management company on the www.timberwoodparksa.org website.  This project was put in place as a community service, free of charge and solely for the benefit of the property owners of Timberwood Park.  It is unfortunate that  a community service which has been running for several years now and is provided at no cost to the neighborhood on any level, is deemed a problem for the operation of the association or the management company (just my opinion of course).  Then there’s also the consideration of freedom of speech.  I am considering my options for the future.  I will let you know how I decide to proceed and give you options if you wish to continue along with me.  Thanks for subscribing and keeping in touch!



This Friday, Music in the Park comes to our park with opening act Brent Michael Wood taking the stage at 6 pm followed by Dave Fenley and Kree Harrison taking the stage.  Both Fenley and Harrison appeared on American Idol so this will no doubt be a big concert for the neighborhood.  If you plan to attend, I suggest you get there early.  While we have had a policy of these concerts and social events being private, not public, and for the property owners of Timberwood Park, I would guess that word of mouth and publicity for this event will probably bring many attendees outside Timberwood Park to it.  That being the case, I am not sure that anyone would be denied access to the park that evening.  Hope you are able to enjoy the concert and visit with your neighbors!!