If you’d like to volunteer some of your time and talent as well as learn some new skills, the AARP Foundation (you do not have to be a member of AARP or retired to participate) is offering an opportunity to learn tax preparation and then provide assistance to members of our community who seek help filing their tax returns each ear.  If you aren’t available to help, perhaps you know a neighbor who might be able to do so.  Feel free to pass this post along to anyone else you think might be interested!

Please take a look at the announcement below for more details:


AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, the nation’s largest free, volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance service, is seeking volunteers in San Antonio to help taxpayers prepare and file their 2013 Federal tax returns.

Volunteers do not need to be an AARP member or retiree to participate.

After receiving free training, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers help taxpayers of all ages, learning new skills while giving back to their communities.

“In 2012, Texans who took advantage of the free tax service provided by the AARP Tax-Aide program received more than $35 million in common tax credits.  These, along with other deductions, resulted in just around $100 million in refunds, most of which finds its way back into the local Texas economies,” said Texas Western Regional Coordinator Ron Craig.

Last year, more than 1,700 Tax-Aide volunteers in 300 sites helped over 157,000 taxpayers in Texas.  They join over 35,000 Tax-Aide volunteers across the country, helping millions of taxpayers each year.

In San Antonio there are 13 AARP sites which provide FREE tax preparation.  They are open from February 1 through April 15.  Training for new volunteers is held six days in January and includes tax law, tax policy and computer application.  All returns are prepared online.

For more information on how you can join the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide team, contact Ed Orbock at aarp.taxaide@satx.rr.com or visit the Web site at


The December issue of the Timberwood Park Newsletter contained an article on page 5 about our drainage ditches.  Unfortunately, the article indicated that Bexar county maintains the many smaller drainage ditches between properties throughout Timberwood Park.  While note was made that TPOA maintains our two larger drainage ditches, the remainder of the article suggested property owners should contact Bexar county for maintenance on the many smaller ditches in our development which is incorrect.

The drainage ditches of Timberwood Park have never been maintained by Bexar county.  During turnover negotiations, this was one of the things that needed to be addressed prior to TPOA taking on the permanent management of Timberwood Park.  Bexar county clearly stated they had never been responsible for nor would they take over any future duties of maintaining any of our drainage ditches.

With regard to drainage areas in Timberwood Park, the county is only responsible for right-of-way areas which include: 1) our bar ditches typically located at the front of our properties and 2) the right-of-way area around any drainage ditches as they cross roadways in Timberwood Park.  For the bar ditches this means they mow and maintain them on an annual basis to ensure proper drainage.  Of course many property owners mow and maintain the bar ditches in front of their property in addition to what maintenance the county does.  Right-of-way is that space typically 18 feet from the middle of a roadway onto a property.  The county maintains only that right-of-way area.

Additionally, on a side note, the county also maintains all our roadways.

But when it comes to the drainage ditches between properties, those smaller ditches in particular referenced in the newsletter article, those are actually a part of the property you purchased in Timberwood Park if you have one running through your property.  If you check your survey, you will see that your property line runs to the middle of a given ditch.  Likewise the property owner across from you has the other half of the ditch.  While there is an easement for the ditches for maintenance, the county does not maintain any part of these ditches which rest on private property.  It is the property owners responsibility to maintain and keep clear these ditches to their property line.

It is important to keep these ditches free and clear of debris so that when we do have heavy rains, we won’t have unnecessary flooding caused by careless deposits of brush and debris blocking the drainage path.

On A Separate Note:  Regarding the Proposed 5 year plan for the 30 acre park, (which is posted on the www.timberwoodparksa.org web page under “Local News”) I neglected to pass along two things:  1) a land survey is being planned by the board to assist in how best to utilize the space in the park for the proposed improvements the board is recommending.  No cost was disclosed for this survey at the annual meeting, and  2) if you want your voice heard regarding what you see as value added versus something you might not believe is a good use of your assessment dollars, please be sure to send your comments and suggestions to the board for the 5 year plan via timberwoodnews@gmail.com and/or attend the next meeting scheduled for February, 2014.

Your comments are welcome.  Click on the “comments” button located at the bottom of this article to provide your comments.

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The 2013 annual meeting for the TPOA was held this evening (December 3, 2013) at our clubhouse.  There was a quorum present with proxy’s turned in prior to the meeting and members in attendance which numbered approximately 60 people.  

Of the candidates running for office the following were elected to fill the 4 slots that are open for the coming year:

Marty Bartlett
Karen O’Neill
Doug Eberle
Craig Zenner

Marty Bartlett commented he did not intend to remain President but rather a board member going forward and that elections would be held among the board members to determine the new president for the coming year.

Approximately 250 total property owner votes were cast.

There was a meal prepared for those in attendance with a chef behind the kitchen counter preparing custom orders of some of the meal components.  Beer and wine were made available as well as an assortment of soft drinks and other beverages.

Our Fire Commissioner, John Kirk, was in attendance and provided a brief comment about an upcoming opportunity for the new Chief of the Bulverde Station to attend the next HOA meeting scheduled for February, 2014 as an option to provide new communication with the neighborhood.  He thanked the all volunteer fire department for the great job they do covering 47 square miles in our area.

Property owner comments included:

A comment was made about the drainage ditches and flooding.  Property owners asked that neighbors not place their brush and debris in the drainage ditches causing flooding problems for those downstream when heavy rains occur in the neighborhood.

A comment was made, while not citing anything specifically related to this board, about the board needing to be cautious in whether it is overreaching its authority when it comes to the management of the development.  A reminder was provided that we all legally live by our deed restrictions and nothing further can be enforced even if property owners would like to see that happen in some instances.  A reminder was made to remember the history of the development and how it was originally constructed and developed.  Further, a comment to remember what is actually legally enforceable under our deed restrictions was made.

A comment was made regarding the board using it’s power through our management company, in the newsletter, etc. to lobby the neighborhood with regards to a recent election item….specifically the Comal ISD School Bond.  The comment included the fact that it was felt inappropriate for the board to take a specific stance on political/electoral matters and rather that it was important to focus on the neighborhood business in lieu of political matters of any type whether a bond election, political election, etc.

There were thanks for the job the board has done thus far since turnover to revitalize Timberwood Park.

The board discussed improving the newsletter and appointing one of the board members to steer that process to provide more information and articles.  Any article suggestions a property owner might have should be forwarded to timberwoodnews@gmail.com for consideration and inclusion in upcoming issues.

There was a treasurer’s report with our financial status brought up to date.

A 5-year plan was provided via a power point slide show which included projects which have been planned and scheduled as well as what the future may hold.  The presentation included a look at what could potentially be the future of our 30-acre park.  A copy of the entire plan can be found at www.timberwoodparksa.org by clicking on “local news” and then clicking on the TPOA 5 year plan document located at the top of the page.

A suggestion to provide property owners with this plan via an e-blast was brought by a property owner in attendance.

Questions or comments, feel free to send me a message!

Take care and enjoy your Christmas and holiday season!


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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 (tomorrow) is the annual TPOA property owners meeting.  Join your neighbors in the clubhouse at 7 pm for an opportunity to cast your vote for the next board for the HOA. 

Here’s the good news: There are more candidates than positions available! 

What a refreshing change when typically it’s difficult to find enough volunteers who have the time, talent and desire to serve their neighborhood for these positions.  There are 4 new candidates running for office seeking your vote and an opportunity to serve our community as new members of the HOA board.  Come visit with the candidates and be a part of the annual meeting.  There are also 2 incumbents seeking re-election who have currently served for 3 years. 

After a vote earlier this year by our current board to eliminate 2 of the 9 positions on the board of directors and reduce the total number serving to 7, there currently are more candidates running than positions available.  If you haven’t sent in your proxy–plan to attend the meeting!  Your vote matters!

WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT?  This vote determines a majority of positions on the board.  That matters with regard to governance and management of our neighborhood/HOA assessment fees for the next 2 years.  

Please plan to attend and cast your vote!  See you there!

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