Just a quick reminder for all property owners to attend the HOA meeting October 15th at the Timberwood Park Elementary School 26715 S Glenrose Drive. Meeting begins at 7 pm. This is your opportunity to meet all the candidates for a brief introduction. Last year, each candidate was given about 2 minutes to speak before the audience in attendance so I am guessing it will be similarly handled this year. Please come meet the candidates!

ALSO SAVE THE DATE: CANDIDATE FORUM Q&A October 22 at 7 pm located in the pavilion in the park. Our moderator will be current HOA Treasurer, Paul Rutkowski. There will be light snacks and beverages and all candidates have been invited to attend an opportunity to visit with property owners about their platforms as well as answer audience questions. Everyone interested please attend!


As most of you who read this blog with any regularity know, I have over the years provided facts, details and information which among other things involve problem areas in our association management.  Along with the facts and information provided, you the reader have always been given the opportunity to make your own informed decision whether you felt the management was adequate, above average, superior, or failed our neighborhood.  As a result of this reporting, I was not in sync with the board in it’s steadfast support of Spectrum Property Management over the years.

One of our current POA board members, Paul Rutkowski, approached me and asked me if I would be interested in being a part of the solution and not just present issues as I have on the blog in the past and I said yes.  The task was to sit on a committee he would chair along with Jim Burdine to review association management companies in hopes that eventually presenting our findings to the board would be a catalyst for discussion and possibly changing management companies. 

Our task was complex and included many different moving parts.  Part of the process included reviewing as many management companies we could and then start narrowing down those we felt could possibly handle a neighborhood the size and stature of Timberwood Park.  Jim and I actively sought initial proposals from POA management companies who might be interested in pursuing a contract with Timberwood Park and vetted those candidates we felt were potentials as well as weed out those we felt were either not capable or were not a good fit with our neighborhood.  We spent several months vetting 12+ companies with phone calls, meetings in person, and eventually subsequent group meetings for which Paul was present, where we whittled down the general group to a set of finalists to present to the board for review.

As the process continued we held group meetings where we challenged each company with a series of questions and concerns for them to provide answers back to get a better feel for responses and handling our neighborhood.  At the end of that process we came up with 4 finalists who were given an opportunity to meet once more with our committee and then we narrowed the finalists to 3. At this time, the full board then reviewed the finalists in session. Once again on-site demonstrations were set up for each of the finalists by the committee to provide live operational capabilities as they applied to Timberwood Park.

Today, a new page has been turned for Timberwood Park.  I am delighted to post that the hard work put in by the committee has paid off and the board this week signed a new contract with Lifetime Management. They will become our new management company!

Working on behalf of the property owners of Timberwood Park to become part of the solution, Jim and I are excited about this new chapter and look forward to the new opportunity Lifetime appears to offer property owners with fully integrated systems allowing you access to almost everything at your fingertips.  The technology this firm possesses which allows property owners to be much more involved on an individual basis, find information at their fingertips, and be proactive in the management of their property when it comes to ACC improvement requests, etc. is far and above anything we have ever had in the past. We are encouraged that this company will bring a new level of customer service and involvement with property owners and the board and as a result bring us better management. Best of all, their costs to manage were lower than our current management company so it is hoped we will be saving operating dollars as well!

Paul Rutkowski has endorsed both Jim Burdine and myself in the upcoming HOA election and I thank him for that vote of confidence and endorsement.

We, both myself (Cindy Griffin) and Jim Burdine hear the property owners of Timberwood Park and both of us are looking forward to the opportunity to serve the community in a board position.  We have been able to actively and successfully approach positive change in the community without being on the board at this time…think what we might be able to accomplish as new board members!


I’d like to officially announce that I am running for one of the open positions coming up for the HOA board! For those of you who might not know me, my name is Cindy Griffin.

Some of you know me as a previous POA President leading and successfully completing the negotiations for turnover of our commonly owned assets from our developer to the property owners. It was our board that also instrumentally built some of the social activities we all now enjoy which have gone on to even bigger success including Music in the Park, Picnic in the Park, the Easter Egg Hunt and more!

Some of you know me from continuing neighborhood activity like funding, building and maintaining this web page and blog and spending the last 8 years keeping anyone interested in the neighborhood up to date and current of neighborhood and surrounding community activities and events.

I’ve also been active in the surrounding community including but not limited to being a member of the US281 EIS Community Advisory Committee and serving as a Constable Commissioner.

Another notable contribution to our neighborhood after leaving the turnover board was spending 5+ years to independently accomplish from start to finish the process and funding for approval of our neighborhood Gerfer’s Cemetery to be recognized and inducted into the Texas Historical Commission as a historically recognized cemetery. Once the commission approval process was completed, I approached our Landscape Committee who then ran with the mantel to get approval for the historical marker funding from our HOA Board culminating in statewide recognition which included a wonderful public ceremony to install the marker at the site!

I’m interested in returning to the board to provide leadership based on my multi-level experience, my continued involvement in our neighborhood and community and my commitment to represent every property owner equally here in Timberwood Park whether you’re an owner who’s now an empty nester, an owner who has children in college, an owner with school age or under children, an owner without children or a retiree living the dream! I believe we all have an equal voice at the table making decisions on behalf of our commonly owned assets and neighborhood.

I’d like to ask for your vote and would love to serve as a member of the HOA Board!


The HOA meeting held on August 20, 2019, was lightly attended at Timberwood Park Elementary School.  I’m sure many of you were enjoying summer vacations or an afternoon by the pool given our continued excessive heat!  Here’s a quick summary of the board actions and topics covered during the meeting:

The meeting began with an approval of last meeting minutes. 


The financials were reviewed with a brief discussion about clubhouse progress and payments being made on same, along with Accounts Receivable sitting at $151,000.00 in outstanding assessment accounts at meeting time.  Discussion also ensued about the reserve account and $255,000+/- sitting in that account at this time.

Paul Rutkowski continued the briefing with discussion about the clubhouse progress and upcoming payments which will need to be made totaling around $190,000.00 coming out of the operating fund.  It is anticipated that concrete will be poured sometime in September with about 3 weeks following to begin framing.  Paul further discussed the process for approval to release a payment and the checks and balances in place to ensure the project is on track.


A discussion about the clubhouse and how it would be furnished took place.  It was noted that the old exercise equipment will be re-installed in the new exercise room and no new equipment is slated for purchase at this time. No monies were included in the price of the clubhouse build.


From the approval of the financials, discussion moved into a conversation about spending some of the reserve funds for capital improvement projects.  Karen O’Neil explained that the funds were set aside for maintaining and repairing our existing assets and that we had accumulated monies which needed to be spent on some of the capital improvement projects.  A repair to the pathway was discussed with a notation of 5 bids sought and only one answered for that project.  Apparently, with construction booming in our area contractors are not particularly interested in taking on a “small” project of this nature.  It is estimated about $30,000 will be needed to repair the pathway once bids can be established.  No funding approval took place for this project at the meeting time.

A discussion ensued regarding the pool chairs, tables and umbrellas as Karen explained the furniture needed to be replaced.  Karen indicated the 4 bids in place for this replacement ranged from $16-18,000.00 and she asked for a motion to approve the expenditure.  A second board member Shawna Klein suggested the figure should be increased to $20,000.00.  A motion was made and carried to approve $20,000.00 for the replacement of 17 tables and umbrellas and 62 chairs.  One of the board members, Paul Rutkowski reminded the board that there was effectively no place to put this purchase given clubhouse storage was no longer available with demolition and rebuild underway but nonetheless the board approved the expenditure.

Just a Thought……  Since it was end of season for the pool and the start of pool season will not occur next year until around the April time frame in 2020, it might be a good idea to put this one aside until the date it is needed gets closer.

An expenditure to demolish and rebuild the kiddie splash pad was made by Shawna Klein.  She discussed the initial installation which ran around $42,500, its failure previously which cost about $15,000 to remedy, the second repair this year which was attempted but unsuccessful and ran about $7,000.00, and finally the need to start over because the first installation had been a poor one to begin with and the company used is no longer in business.  Bids are currently being accumulated, 5 companies have been approached and to date 2 have returned calls without bids at the time of the meeting.  I don’t recall if a motion was made for the new project of rip-out and reinstall 2 mushrooms, concrete pad, and accessories and have no notes indicating it was, just underway for replacement awaiting the bids.

An audience member asked why Spectrum wasn’t assisting with bids for these various projects to get us best pricing and a better array of bids to choose from.  There was discussion about including Spectrum in the process as appropriate moving forward.


Lighting Around the Park was also discussed.  3 bids have been returned for this potential project thus far which range up to $100,000.00 to install adequate lighting which meets the Dark Skies Program and other details pertinent to the park. One bidder has explained it would take 5 or more orbs on each pole to light the park properly, and there would be a draw on the existing electric which would have to be taken into consideration. Distance between the commercial grade poles and lighting effects how many need to be installed to cover the park properly. Karen O’Neil noted that this is a new capital improvement project and not one for which money can be spent from the reserve account.  A vote and approval would need to happen to get this project on the schedule for completion and would be considered based on clubhouse needs over adding new improvements at this time.

A question was asked about tearing out the golf course fence. Discussion took place regarding the need for a fence around the course and potentially replacing the existing fence. No further discussion took place.


The landscape committee distributed certificates of appreciation for those property owners who have contributed benches and/or trees to our park beautification program and ceremonies were held to thank those individuals for their participation in the program.  There will be an upcoming tree installation ceremony in October with details to be provided in the newsletter and e-mail notifications.


There was a discussion about Halloween Around the Lake to be held in October and the upcoming Music in the Park concerts which are continuing to occur as scheduled during the clubhouse rebuild.  More details to follow in upcoming newsletters and email communications.


A committee was formed to review management companies as our contract is coming due with Spectrum.  The committee has reviewed 11 companies, looked at social media reviews, gotten bids and proposals from those companies which were thought to be capable of handling a community the size of Timberwood Park.  The board at meeting time was at the stage of reviewing the top candidates the committee put forward for review and will be making recommendations based on that review later.


Four of the current board positions are up for election.  Candidates who are interested in running for office should submit their candidate profile via e-mail or fax to Spectrum Property Management by September 3, 2019 in order to have their profiles published in the newsletter.  The October HOA meeting will include candidate introductions and an opportunity for candidates to speak to the audience in attendance at that meeting.  Of the four positions up for election, 3 current board members have announced they will not be seeking re-election with the 4th undecided at this time.  If you are interested, please submit your profiles!