As most of you who read this blog with any regularity know, I have over the years provided facts, details and information which among other things involve problem areas in our association management.  Along with the facts and information provided, you the reader have always been given the opportunity to make your own informed decision whether you felt the management was adequate, above average, superior, or failed our neighborhood.  As a result of this reporting, I was not in sync with the board in itโ€™s steadfast support of Spectrum Property Management over the years.

One of our current POA board members, Paul Rutkowski, approached me and asked me if I would be interested in being a part of the solution and not just present issues as I have on the blog in the past and I said yes.  The task was to sit on a committee he would chair along with Jim Burdine to review association management companies in hopes that eventually presenting our findings to the board would be a catalyst for discussion and possibly changing management companies. 

Our task was complex and included many different moving parts.  Part of the process included reviewing as many management companies we could and then start narrowing down those we felt could possibly handle a neighborhood the size and stature of Timberwood Park.  Jim and I actively sought initial proposals from POA management companies who might be interested in pursuing a contract with Timberwood Park and vetted those candidates we felt were potentials as well as weed out those we felt were either not capable or were not a good fit with our neighborhood.  We spent several months vetting 12+ companies with phone calls, meetings in person, and eventually subsequent group meetings for which Paul was present, where we whittled down the general group to a set of finalists to present to the board for review.

As the process continued we held group meetings where we challenged each company with a series of questions and concerns for them to provide answers back to get a better feel for responses and handling our neighborhood.  At the end of that process we came up with 4 finalists who were given an opportunity to meet once more with our committee and then we narrowed the finalists to 3. At this time, the full board then reviewed the finalists in session. Once again on-site demonstrations were set up for each of the finalists by the committee to provide live operational capabilities as they applied to Timberwood Park.

Today, a new page has been turned for Timberwood Park.  I am delighted to post that the hard work put in by the committee has paid off and the board this week signed a new contract with Lifetime Management. They will become our new management company!

Working on behalf of the property owners of Timberwood Park to become part of the solution, Jim and I are excited about this new chapter and look forward to the new opportunity Lifetime appears to offer property owners with fully integrated systems allowing you access to almost everything at your fingertips.  The technology this firm possesses which allows property owners to be much more involved on an individual basis, find information at their fingertips, and be proactive in the management of their property when it comes to ACC improvement requests, etc. is far and above anything we have ever had in the past. We are encouraged that this company will bring a new level of customer service and involvement with property owners and the board and as a result bring us better management. Best of all, their costs to manage were lower than our current management company so it is hoped we will be saving operating dollars as well!

Paul Rutkowski has endorsed both Jim Burdine and myself in the upcoming HOA election and I thank him for that vote of confidence and endorsement.

We, both myself (Cindy Griffin) and Jim Burdine hear the property owners of Timberwood Park and both of us are looking forward to the opportunity to serve the community in a board position.  We have been able to actively and successfully approach positive change in the community without being on the board at this time…think what we might be able to accomplish as new board members!


  1. I see the need for changing to a better company to manage our subdivision. Since this is cheaper than Spectrum does that assure the residents we will not see a hike in our HOA fees? Living on a fixed income this is what concerns me the most. This is why I dint support building such an expensive new clubhouse.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I wish I could tell you your assessment fees will not be raised beginning next year, but it was my understanding that the current board authorized a raise in assessment fees beginning in 2020 as a part of receiving approval for the $1.5 million dollar clubhouse loan. If this is not correct, someone from the board can chime in.

  3. Thank you for another voice via this blog. I appreciate all the effort you put into making our community better. Thank you for your service.

  4. Cindy. So glad you are still fighting for the betterment of Timberwood Park. We strongly supported you in the effort to get management turned over to the owners and thank you for your current efforts.

  5. I’d like to thank all of you for your volunteer work on this! That’s a lot of time you have given for our benefit.
    As to HOA fees, we understand that they must go up. I am so amazed that the fee is so low for what we have. It is lower than any other communities I’ve talked to. Everything else in this world goes up in fees so it only makes sense our HOA fees must go up some. I just hope not too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Rodney, the association management company has been responsible for the oversight and management of our neighborhood to include, but not limited to property inspections to determine violations of deed restrictions, paying our monthly bills and operating overhead from our operating accounts, producing budgets and monthly reports for the board to use at association meetings, keeping our books and tracking our expenses to produce financial documents for the association, customer service to property owners needing information, answers and to file complaints. Again those are just a few of their duties and responsibilities. Hope that helps.

  7. Where does one go to see the new companies information and read how they will serve our community?

  8. Thank you Cindy!

    I am very happy Spectrum is gone. Their focus was always the bottom line and not the good of Timberwood Park.

    Let’s hold Lifetime accountable to the Community.

  9. Can you give some feedback on whether this management change could include enforcement of deed restrictions? I would love to see the board and our management company look to enforce deed restrictions concerning travel trailers or vehicles parked on resident’s property.

  10. Clayton, I am not able to provide specific feedback about enforcement of deed restrictions by Lifetime Management at this time other than to offer it will no doubt be important for the property management company to know our deed restrictions for all enforcement activities regarding any violations, etc. Thanks for your comment.

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