I’d like to officially announce that I am running for one of the open positions coming up for the HOA board! For those of you who might not know me, my name is Cindy Griffin.

Some of you know me as a previous POA President leading and successfully completing the negotiations for turnover of our commonly owned assets from our developer to the property owners. It was our board that also instrumentally built some of the social activities we all now enjoy which have gone on to even bigger success including Music in the Park, Picnic in the Park, the Easter Egg Hunt and more!

Some of you know me from continuing neighborhood activity like funding, building and maintaining this web page and blog and spending the last 8 years keeping anyone interested in the neighborhood up to date and current of neighborhood and surrounding community activities and events.

I’ve also been active in the surrounding community including but not limited to being a member of the US281 EIS Community Advisory Committee and serving as a Constable Commissioner.

Another notable contribution to our neighborhood after leaving the turnover board was spending 5+ years to independently accomplish from start to finish the process and funding for approval of our neighborhood Gerfer’s Cemetery to be recognized and inducted into the Texas Historical Commission as a historically recognized cemetery. Once the commission approval process was completed, I approached our Landscape Committee who then ran with the mantel to get approval for the historical marker funding from our HOA Board culminating in statewide recognition which included a wonderful public ceremony to install the marker at the site!

I’m interested in returning to the board to provide leadership based on my multi-level experience, my continued involvement in our neighborhood and community and my commitment to represent every property owner equally here in Timberwood Park whether you’re an owner who’s now an empty nester, an owner who has children in college, an owner with school age or under children, an owner without children or a retiree living the dream! I believe we all have an equal voice at the table making decisions on behalf of our commonly owned assets and neighborhood.

I’d like to ask for your vote and would love to serve as a member of the HOA Board!


  1. David, it didn’t occur to me to add my name thinking most of my subscribers knew I wrote the blog and maintained the web page. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ve corrected the oversight and appreciate you letting me know to help others! By the way, my name is Cindy Griffin and I am running for office in the neighborhood HOA! I would appreciate your support!

  2. I follow you closely and have talked with Joseph extensively about TWP. I have been here 2 yrs and would love to serve but have honestly pissed odd most of the residents due to my lack of support for the current board and being outspoken about it so I am sure I would not get the nod. That being said your transparency and honesty have earned my vote and I will definitely support you as it seems your only concern is what the residents want and NOT what the board thinks we need.

  3. Congratulations. Hope you win. Will we be able to return to the Deed Restrictions as the legal documents which govern us, which would include removing those Fines and Penalties not included in the Deed Restrictions? Also, can we try to ensure that individual Board Members, past, present and future do not profit from any Park enhancements, including the new Club house? And then, there is Spectrum!!

  4. You have our vote. We worked with you when you were first elected as the POA president. We know first hand the quality of your work and how dedicated, hard working, honest and conscientious you are. Thankful that you are always looking out for the property owners.
    Frances & Arnie

  5. Cindy, I thought you did a great job when you were president. Thank you for being willing to run again and stand up to those very negative people. You’re a hard worker and I know you love our neighborhood.

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